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High lights of 2015 on Models Paradise

High lights of 2015 on Models Paradise

2015 was a very creative and important year in Models Paradise. Step by step we are growing and we are learning. We started this blog to learn blogging and we are satisfied by our efforts.
This year was important because we have increased traffic by 110% and we gained a large number of loyal visitors and readers. 2015 is also a milestone year because we introduced two different series of articles
  • The model of the month
  • The model of the week
Visitors found them very interesting and they have already captured the interest of our visitors. Beyond the above two different series of articles we chose to nominate the model of the Year 2015 Miss Emelie Ekstrom a Swedish young model who attracted the majority of views during the year.
2015 is also a year with significance. Industry is chasing Playboy decided to not publish again nude covers. Pamela Anderson was chosen to be photographed for the last nude cover.
Atrocities and Civil war in Syria have caused a huge immigrant wave in Europe. Star Wars and James Bond films are back. Lemmy Killmister a true Icon of Heavy Metal died yesterday.
2015 was a year with difficulties but with so many pleasure times. It was a year who re – evaluate our strategy and approach. We will continue to create high quality articles for our readers and to expand our effort in more professional sites in the near future.   
We would like to thank you for your love and your interest to read our articles.
Photos of models of the months

Iryna Ivanova model of November 2015

Linsdey Pelas model of December 2015
Photos of models of the week

Valeria Orsini

April Eve

Christina McQueen

Erika Gray – Brazilian Barbi

Erika Gray – Brazilian Barbi

Erika Gray is an international bikini, glamour and fitness model from Brazilknown to audience also with the nickname Brazilian Barbi.
Few words about Erika Gray
Erika Gray was born and grew up in Brazil. Erika shares German and Brazilian heritage. Erika has moved in United States and especially in NevadaLas Vegas to enrich her career.
Erika is young and at Models Paradise we always wish the best to young models “sky is the limit for models like Erika”.
We highly recommend to follow Erika on Social Media (Erika Gray on instagram, facebook, etc).
Photos of Erika Gray

Videos with Erika Gray

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