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Daniela Tamayo

Daniela Tamayo

Daniela Tamayo is an international model from Colombia.

Daniela Tamayo biography

Daniela Tamayo is among the most beautiful models on earth. Daniela was born in New Yorkand latter is moved with her family back in Colombia. Daniela has studied international business with specialization in Marketing and she runs her own company.
According to an interview to Colombian web site, Daniela expresses a unique point of view about beauty “for me beauty is a whole different aspecrs not only physical, also the spiritual and intellectual, so I decided to study my degree in International Business with an emphasis on marketing and I would later merge with modeling that’s what I work currently, I like people who have focused the courage to fight for what they want”.
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Photos of Daniela Tamayo

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Videos with Daniela Tamayo

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