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Anya Benton

Anya Benton

Anya Benton is an international glamour model and actress from California, USA.

Few words about Anya Benton

Anya Benton was born and grew up in La Jolla (California) but she shares Russian heritage. Anya started acting and modeling since she was very young. Being in front of the camera and performing was a great passion for Anya.
During her studies in high school Anya started to work locally as a model and participated in high school drama classes and theatrical productions. Anya graduated from UCLA with major in Mass Communications and double minored in Russian Studies and Spanish language. During her studies Anya was working as model and acted on various theatrical productions. Anya achieved to graduate from UCLA with honors.
After  graduation from UCLA Anya started to model for various fashion brand names.
Photos of Anya Benton

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