Imogen Lovell

Imogen Lovell

Imogen Lovell is an international glamour model and playmate from Australia.  

Few words about Imogen Lovell

Imogen Lovell was born and grew up in Gold Coast – Australia. Imogen started modeling at the age of 16 when she had finished a modeling course and started to catwalk in Melbournefor bribal expos and many famous designers.  
Then Imogen moved into promotional modeling and she was hired to promote events such as Grand Prix, V8 Superbikes, Moto GP, Auto Salon, Easter Nats etc. Also Imogen was hired to promote brand names such as Rockstar, Bundaberg Rum, Cruiser and Jim Beam etc.

Imogen Lovell’s career in modeling

As  we have mentioned Imogen started her career by promotional modeling and then she participated in a large number of competitions such as Australian Lingerie model search, Zoo Weekly calendar search (finalist)  and Miss Deluxe Lingerie model.
Imogen was photographed by famous photographers such as Wayne Daniels, Gary Holmes and Natalie V.
Imogen was photographed also for main industry’s magazines such as Zoo Weekly Beach Babes (2010), Free Rider (2010, 2011), Zoo Weekly (2011), Kitespain (2012), Glamjam (2012).
Imogen was photographed for swimwear brand names such as Wicked Weasel and Wild Orchid. Also she was sponsored by Playboy America to be the host at the famous Halloween party.
Photos of Imogen Lovell

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Videos with Imogen Lovell

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