Playboy High-School Girls in Playboy Germany November 2015.

In its November 2015 issue Playboy Germany presented HochSchulMädchen Report (High-School Girls Report). And in the list of Deutschlands Schönste Studentinnen (most Beautiful Germany’s Student Girls) includes Tanja Brockman, Katrin Weise, Svenja von Wiese, Viktoria Sellmaier, Sophia Kreith-Loch, Stephanie Blust, Zhanna Schröder.

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The model of the week is – Christine Mc Queen

The model of the week is – Christine McQueen

We are at the first week of October and we choose to name model of the week one of the most beautiful women from Australia. Christine McQueen is from Syndney and in previous articles we cover issues about her career.
For women like Christine there are no words to express her beauty. We highly recommend to follow her on social media (Christine McQueen – Facebook, twitter etc).
Photos of Christine McQueen


Sex in the Air – Stewardess Reported to Earn Milloin Dollar While Lovemaking.

Recent Sex-scandal exploded as one of the media reported of unnamed stewardess of unnamed mid-eastern airline being accused of having sex with clients. It is stated that unnamed servicewoman promoted herself as sex-worker to passangers while at charge up in the air. Her price for single expirience was $2000 and source claims that she was thus able to make million during two-years period.

Still as certain names are not named and woman herself is said to leave for Mexico where she prefered to stay at resort, one can’t be sure about full extend of the true in the story. But what is for sure – the fact that people are interested about sex-life of pretty stewardesses who usually look that hot on their uniform suits.

Example of such interest is seen when one would remember rumour featuring Hong Kong airline girl who was reported by some not-too-confident sources to be the girl on leaked home video tape.

Also true that adult halloween costume sellers would almost always present some stewardess outfits.

Dani Mathers

Dani Mathers

Dani Mathers is an American bikini and glamour model. Dani is probably known to audience because of her appearance as Miss Playboy’s Playmate of the Year 2015, Playboy’s Miss May 2014 and she was also Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Month for January 2013.

Dani Mathers biography

Dani was born in Tarzana, Los Angeles and as she said during an interview “I;m from a big Jewish – Italian family. I was brought up playing in the mud, cheer leading and playing volleyball”.
Dani started her career from TV and especially on the CBS soap opera “The Bold and Beautiful” then she was appeared at a Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month in January 2013 and on Playboy’s TV Badass, Playboy Trip : Patagonia, Playboy’s Beach House and Camp Playboy. Mathers appeared also on “The Playboy Morning Show” and she played a part in the short film “Thrilling Contradictions”.
Dani’s first pictorial was photographed in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. Dani’s career as Playboy’s playmate is astonishing.
Dani during her interviews on media said that she prefers candles for illumination because “it gives such a beautiful view of a woman’s curves and her body, …, it’s just a p***y move when the lights are off. You can make whoever you’re having sex with whoever you want it to be. A little light makes it more real”
On “the” Dani said about posing nude “I think for me it’s a comfort thing because before I did my first Playboy shoot, I went to this hedonistic resort with my boyfriend, …., I just went there to hang out naked, …., it doesn’t even haze them, …, nudity doesn’t faze me anymore”.
Dani Mathers beyond modeling focus also in a career in acting.
In my opinion you need to follow Dani on social media (Dani Mathers on instragram, facebook, twitter etc).
Photos of Dani Mathers

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